Interventional Radiology

Fibroid Disease

Fibroid embolization as a non-surgical option to surgery.

Lower Extremity Arterial Interventions

Angiography and interventions for peripheral arterial disease including angioplasty, atherectomy, stenting. Advanced techniques including radial/pedal access and plantar loop reconstruction. Non-healing ulcers and limb ischemia.

Mesenteric Arterial

Angiography and interventions including SMA, Celiac, IMA, renal artery work. In patients with renal disease, we offer CO2 angiography to eliminate use of contrast.

Vascular Access

Ports/Mediports, Tunneled PICCS.

Dialysis Work

Fistula/Graft imaging, angioplasty, stenting and declots. Tunneled dialysis catheter placement and removal.


Percutaneous biopsies including transjugular liver biopsies.

Pulmonary Embolus

In the setting of massive PE (PE plus hypotension and/or cardiogenic shock), we offer emergent/urgent mechanical fragmentation and thrombectomy. In the setting of submassive PE (PE plus heart strain), we offer catheter directed therapy with mechanical thrombectomy and TPA thrombolysis into the pulmonary arteries. We also offer complex IVC filter interventions (see below).

Venous Interventions

IVC filter placement (permanent and retrievable filters), IVC filter removal (including complex retrieval), DVT treatment (including mechanical thrombectomy and thrombolysis), Venous reconstruction (for SVC obstruction, central venous stenoses/occlusions, May Thurner/iliac disease, IVC disease, chronic fem-pop occlusions). In patients with renal disease, offer CO2 venography to eliminate use of contrast.

Varicose Vein Treatment

Laser & RF ablations. Ultrasound guided foam and cosmetic sclerotherapy. Interventions include wound care for venous ulcers.

Bleeding Management with Endovascular Therapy

Primarily gastric, esophageal, pelvic, extremity, solid organ and pulmonary/bronchial; but available for consult and intervention regarding bleeding from any source. Involves coils, covered stents and particulate therapy.

Spine Interventions

We offer kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty for patients with stable, acute/subacute compression deformities of the spine.

Feeding Tubes

We offer percutaneous access into the stomach for parenteral feeding.

Biliary/Liver Interventions

TIPS, BRTO for bleeding/ascites. Thrombolysis and mechanical thrombectomy  for PV thrombus. Cholangiography(PTC) and biliary drainage placement.

Interventional Oncology

In addition to services rendered above, we offer percutaneous ablation of masses (Cryo, microwave and RFA) most commonly for lung, liver and renal lesions. Chemoembolization for hepatic (liver) cancers as well.

Neuro-imaging and Interventions

Carotid stenting. Diagnostic arteriography of the carotid/vertebral arteries and intracranially in patients with questionable disease on CT/MRI.