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Video Testimonials


"Generally I am rarely perceptive of how I am received, especially by medical clinics, because some medical clinics are very impersonal. It is not easy to find a doctor who has a kind of personal relationship with the patient. You can feel the compassion, the care and efficiency. You know when you come here, you will be treated well, not just by the doctors, - just entering the reception desk, - all the staff – it makes a lot of difference, because they are friendly faces and they really make you feel comfortable..."

- Mark S

"He has a pretty good sense of humor. I’ve known him a few years, but he is good at what he does and establishes a deep level of trust, and yet, still engages me at a human level even though a lot of the stuff is so technical and very pinpointing; pinpoint accuracy! I really enjoy our conversations..."

- Nancy W

"Dr. Aboufares took my case over from Dr. Ahmed after he retired. Dr. Aboufares is like 30 years younger and I love his bedside manner. Most doctors are pretty great at what they know and do. But when you have a skilled surgeon who makes you laugh, that can make a difference in recovery. He cares. He is way ahead of the curve with new treatments. My expiration date was 5 years ago. He keeps extending that date. I sincerely wish that a few of my other doctors had his depth of caring. Yes, we see doctors for how good they are. But it's nice to have one with a great bedside manner.

- Wayne P

"I am well and alive due to Dr. Ali Aboufares's top of the line care and professionalism in dealing with my medical issues. He has all the time to listen and jointly advocate with me what is best course of intervention plan suited for me. With Dr. Ali, I did not go wrong!

- F. Tapiculin

"Dr. Aboufares was a welcomed solution for my 91 year old Grandmother. She had been suffering from dizzy spells for a few years and had seen every specialist around. One review of her file and consultation and Dr. Aboufares was able to offer conservative advice to resolve the situation. Yes, now at 94 she is back to her daily Jazzercise workouts, driving to meet her friends for lunch and playing cards with the ladies. Thank you Dr. Aboufares for your time and care in treating our most precious treasure.

- Judith Kroeger